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Ballyland Stay Still, Squeaky!

Stay Still, Squeaky!
No VoiceOver skills required
Difficulty: Beginner
Gestures: Touch, swipe left, finger drag, ‘touch and hold’.
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Ballyland Stay Still, Squeaky! is a fun iPad app for all, while being specifically designed for young children who are blind or visually impaired. The interactive story teaches basic iPad skills through cause and effect, while the Bonus Game builds spatial awareness on the screen.

FIRST: Enjoy the adventure of Squeaky, the bouncy ball from Ballyland, who tries really hard to stay clean for a visit to his grandmother. Two simple, ‘informal’ gestures, 'touch' and 'swipe', enable interaction with the story, resulting in Squeaky getting dirtier and dirtier... This is a fun story that responds to touch with audio feedback. It offers great sound effects, and bright, simple images and animations.

THEN (optional): Play the Bonus Game, directing Squeaky on five routes to collect now familiar types of dirt in a specific order. This is a great way to playfully develop finger drag skills and spatial awareness on the screen. Uses ‘touch and hold’.

Read or download the instructions for Ballyland Stay Still, Squeaky!
Download free 3D file to make a 3D tool of Squeaky so that your child can tactually explore his features
Download free Squeaky coloring page file. To make it into a raised line drawing, print it with a Piaf, using swell paper. This will enable children to feel what Squeaky looks like.

Tip for parents or educators:
The first part of this app, the story, doesn't require any formal touch gestures at all. However, in the optional game that follows the story, it is recommended that you supervise the finger drag, or turn on Guided Access in the accessibility settings (or use an iPad case that covers the inactive border of the screen). Read the Instructions for tips.

“‘Stay Still, Squeaky!’ is a wonderful resource for learning the basics of using a touch screen device and a variety of early learning skills, promoting independence and empowerment for users with visual impairments.”
Hillary Kleck on Wonderbaby dot org

Special Features

  • Engaging interactive audio story with high quality audio (narration, sound effects, soundscapes and song) and simple images and animations in bright colors and clear contrast
  • Bonus fun audio game with finger drag
  • No VoiceOver or reading skills required
  • Built-in speech
  • Perfect for use in an Inclusive Early Learning environment
  • Theme can be easily tied in with real life activities and curriculum
  • Free files from Sonokids website to print tactile Squeaky learning tools (2D and 3D)