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Ballyland tactile learning tools

3D Printable tactile resources for use with Ballyland Code apps

Purchase the  .stl files to 3D print a unique Ballyland© set for use with Ballyland Code 1: Say Hello and Ballyland Code 2: Give Rotor and Ballyland Code 3: Pick Up. Specifically designed to support tactual exploration and 'mental mapping', required for computational thinking and coding with the app. Choose from a number of print packages, and 3D print your own tactile grid, mini Ballylanders, and obstacle-tiles (rubbish bin, pond, rock, bushes). Note that these are small models with no moving parts, for use with the apps.
You can purchase the print files for Ballyland Code 1: Say Hello, Ballyland Code 2: Give Rotor and Ballyland Code 3: Pick Up by following this link.

“ It is very interesting how the possibility of touching the little Ballyland characters makes a difference for the little ones. Even, the way in which you can use the same grid in all apps, makes them better understand voiceover, coding, etc.”
Daniela Rubio Trujillo
Executive Consultant on Diversity and Inclusion, Macneticos Group, Spain

Ballyland 3D print large scale learning tools for tactual exploration of the Ballylanders

You can download the standard print files for Wheelie, Ballicopter, Tinkleball, Babballoony and Squeaky for free, by following the links below (click on the images).
Ballicopter as 3D model3D model SqueakyWheelie as 3D modelBabballoony as 3D modelTinkleball as 3D model

Contact Sonokids to request the design of a personalized 3D model with the child’s name in Braille imprinted on the back (Design Costs: 50 AUD, excl printing).

Ballyland tactile images

You can download a blackline image (pdf file) for each Ballylander by selecting the links below. To make the image into a raised line drawing, print the file with a Piaf, using swell paper. This will enable children to feel what each Ballylander looks like. The raised line drawings can also be used as colouring pages.


blackline image of Ballicopter





Copyright all Ballyland tactile images and 3D models: Sonokids