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Instructions Ballyland Rotor

Note: If you have Zoom enabled in the Accessibility Settings of your iDevice, please turn this off before starting the app, as it will interfere with the three finger flick gesture.

Turn on the volume. Both the video and the game app require audio.
Double tap with one finger to start the video tutorial.
Three finger flick left to start the game.
The video Tutorial demonstrates a number of alternative ways to do the Rotor gesture, so that you can support and guide the child in exploring the gesture that works best for him or her.
There are many different ways to perform the Rotor gesture, and it is best to explore and find what works best for the child. Send us your innovative ways to do this, and we will share them. Videos would be great!
Watch this short, accessible video to learn more about the alternative ways to do the Rotor gesture.

Go to special Tips and Tutorial for blind educators
Download the instructions as an accessible Word document

To contact the Sonokids Ballyland team, Email: