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Tips and tutorial Ballyland Rotor for blind educators

Before you start

Audio tutorial
If you are a blind educator or parent wanting to support a child in learning VoiceOver with Ballyland Rotor app, this excellent audio demo/tutorial 'from a blind person’s perspective', created by accessible technology expert David Woodbridge, will help you on your way.

Useful Tips

The app is designed for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, and is in Landscape mode (Home button on the left or right).
The landing page of Ballyland Rotor is fully accessible for users of VoiceOver and provides instructions.
It is followed by a one minute, VoiceOver accessible tutorial video, which demonstrates a number of alternative ways to do the Rotor gesture. You can choose to view or skip and start the game. To start the tutorial video, leave Voice Over on, do a one finger flick right to move to the Start Video button and double tap to start the video. When the video is finished, select the DONE button in the video player and double tap to return to the instructions.

Before starting the game, you will be instructed to turn off VoiceOver and benefit from the self-voicing features of the app. Spoken instructions will guide you and the child through the app. Download an accessible document with the on-screen instructions for Ballyland Rotor

When you want to leave the app, turn VoiceOver on again, and press the Home button to close the app.
You can use a “cheat” gesture to skip the songs. The gesture is: triple two finger tap. If you also want to use this gesture to skip instructions, please note that you will then need to remember the instructions for each page as they will no longer be spoken. The game on each page generally continues by starting to turn the Rotor.