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Ballyland Magic Plus

Squeaky in a top-hat

No VoiceOver skills required
Difficulty: Moderate
Gestures: Finger drag, split tap, double tap, single finger flick left/right, three finger flick left/right.
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Ballyland Magic Plus is a fun iPad game that gives children a head start to using an iPad or other iOS mobile touch screen device by way of VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader. Ballyland Magic Plus replaces the original Ballyland Magic app, and offers more learning and support features than ever.
The four multi-level scenes of Ballyland Magic Plus follow the Ballylanders in their preparations for a performance in a Magic Show. Children practice their own 'magic' touch gestures while they move through the app. When they have mastered all the required touch gestures, they are put in charge of the Ballyland Magic Show!
While they play and interact with the Ballylanders, the children learn accessibility concepts and fundamental finger gestures for VoiceOver. You don’t need to be a VoiceOver expert to assist the child – but by the end of the Magic Show, you may be well on your way to becoming one!!
Go to instructions, tips and quick start for Ballyland Magic Plus
Go to the special tips and tutorial for blind educators
Tutorial about the split tap gesture from 'Paths to Technology'
Go to our videos to watch demos of this app

"My student struggled with the double tap. Thanks to the fun 'Tap Tap Song', she managed to adapt her motor performance and perfect this important VoiceOver gesture in record time, much to her own delight".
Specialist Teacher (Vision Impairment)

What's new in the Plus version?

  • Introduces an important additional gesture: split tap with finger drag
  • Bigger images of Ballylanders in the levels of the game and yellow circle with finger drag for low vision support
  • More adjustable Settings
  • The Options Menu is now also fully accessible for educators who are blind
  • Settings can be saved per level for better student support
  • Remake of Intro song
  • Completely re-engineered for improved user interface, and user experience
  • Magic Show with more animation