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Instructions Ballyland Magic Plus

Note: If you have the Zoom feature enabled in the Accessibility Settings of your iDevice, please turn this off before starting the app, as it will interfere with the three finger flick gesture.

The Ballyland Magic app is an iPad game that is designed to enable children with vision impairment to learn and practice basic navigational touch gestures for VoiceOver.  The app offers a fun and supportive learning experience for all involved. Although it has been demonstrated that children can be left to play with the app on their own, active guidance and support by a parent or educator may generally be required to help the child perform the touch gestures correctly and achieve the best learning outcomes. To assist with this process, dynamically updated score-data and short on-screen instructions are provided throughout the app.

Go to Tips and Tutorial for Blind Educators.
Download a document with all the on-screen instructions.
Download the Quick Start here (short instructions) in an accessible Word document).
Download the full instructions here (including educational tips for support, in an accessible Word document).

For support, email Sonokids at