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AstroHunters project participation by young students


About Yuma Decaux and AstroHunters

Yuma Decaux, winner of the Holman Prize for Blind Ambition, by Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, has started his AstroHunters Project. Yuma is travelling around the world, interviewing astrophysicists and astronomers about their topic of expertise. In particular, Yuma will be exploring accessibility of space related topics for people who are blind or visually impaired.

CosmoBally, the Ballyland astronaut, is accompanying Yuma on his travels! Her role is to give young students with and without visual impairment the opportunity to connect with this exciting space exploration project.

Yuma: “If you are as fascinated by the stars and the universe as I am, and have a question about space, galaxies, black holes, something you’ve always wondered about, then email your question to CosmoBally. Maybe it will be your question that we will put to an astrophysicist or astronomer!”

You can follow AstroHunters on Facebook.

View video podcasts AstroHunters

Link to the video podcasts, and additional information for learning opportunities around space.

Images of CosmoBally in AstroHunters

Series of photos of Cosmobally in different locations while traveling with Yuma for AstroHunters.

Participate with students' questions

  • Submit relevant questions from young students to CosmoBally in writing by email to:
    Use subject line: AstroHunters.
    Please include the first name and age of the student. By submitting the question(s), you grant permission for this question to be published or broadcast in the context of the AstroHunters project.
  • Video or audio messages from students are invited, but can only be used if in your email you grant explicit permission for the  video and/or audio to be published or broadcast in the context of the AstroHunters project.
  • No question is too small or too strange.
  • Questions from students who are blind or visually impaired are particularly invited.
  • This project targets primary school aged students, but older students are encouraged to submit questions as well.
  • Selection of questions to be put to the experts in the AstroHunters project will be made at the discretion of the project leaders and is not open for discussion.

Go to the AstroHunters podcasts and factual information on the topics and experts touched on by this project.

a collage of four photos showing CosmoBally on the train from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, and being handed over by Phia Damsma of Sonokids to Yuma Decaux of OSeyeris who will take her along on his AstroHunters travels
CosmoBally was handed over to Yuma Decaux (OSeyeris) by Phia Damsma (Sonokids). Launch of her travels with Yuma during the AstroHunters project made possible by the Holman Prize for Blind Ambition by Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired.