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Instructions Ballyland Code 3: Pick Up

To start the game:

  • Flick right to start the game. Then you can use finger drag to explore the screen.

Using the Coding Panel:

  • Double tap with one finger to open the coding panel
  • Flick right with one finger to move to the next line of code or Flick left with one finger to move to the previous line of code
  • For each line, flick down or up with one finger to select a piece of code
  • Use a three finger flick left to clear all code from the panel
  • Double tap anywhere on the screen to run your code
  • Before coding, or after finding that your code is not complete or correct yet, you can use finger drag to explore the screen. Then double tap to (re)open the coding panel.
  • If you use the command ‘MoveForward’, Wheelie will move one step forward in the direction in which he is facing
  • The command ‘PickUp’ needs to be used when Wheelie is in the same cell as the frog, flower or coin. So in the shortest route you will use ‘PickUp’ three times in total.

Completing the challenge

  • Any code that fulfills the requirements of the Challenge is correct, but the shortest is best and gets a special bonus. Try and find out what is the best order for Wheelie to go and pick up the frog, the flower and the coin, so that he takes the shortest route to complete the Challenge.
  • If your code is correct, but not the shortest, you will be given the option to go back and improve your code.

"Black Curtain"

  • Turn on/off in Settings. Creates a level playing field for all. Double tap the button in the bottom right corner to return to the Main Menu from the game.