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Are you a parent or educator of a young child who is blind or has low vision, and have you been looking for a way to introduce him or her to an iPad?
Hocus Pocus... Sonokids’ Ballyland Magic App is here!

The Ballyland Magic app is an educational iPad game specifically designed for young children to learn and practice a number of navigational touch gestures for VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader. iOS VoiceOver is the only way a blind person can use an iPhone or iPad, and children who are blind require these skills to be included in the same iPad activities as their sighted friends.For iOS - iPad.

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Inclusive Design Tech Training

With Sonokids’ Ballyland software, children with vision impairment can play and develop foundation technology skills together with their sighted friends and siblings.
Ballyland empowers children by building their technology skills.
For the full range of Ballyland software range of early technology training, please visit

young boy who is blind enjoys his first experience playing on a computer, with Ballyland

Hayden (6), who is blind, enjoys his first computer experience by playing Ballyland.


About Sonokids

Sonokids is an international not-for-profit organisation.
Sonokids applies so-called ‘Ludic Design for All’ to the creation of innovative online applications in order to offer all children a learning experience which is enhanced by an element of play. Sonokids develops web- and sound tools and applications compliant with the principles of Design for All that are fun and educational at the same time, compatible with magnification software, screenreader software and refreshable Braille displays, and fully accessible to users who are blind or have low vision.

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The Award DiplomaBallyland

Sonokids' Ballyland is a range of fun and educational computer software and apps for all children, including children with special needs. The design specifically supports playful learning by children who are blind or have low vision.

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Sonokids is a not-for-profit organisation.

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