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Sonokids® Ballyland™ License to 3D Print Package Ballyland Code 1: Say Hello

The 3D printed Ballyland© Code 1: Say Hello set is specifically designed to support the development of computational thinking and coding with the Ballyland© Code 1: Say Hello app.
It has proven to be extremely valuable for learners, particularly those who are blind or visually impaired, to use a tactile representation of the coding game. The tactile and physical representation of the grid will enable a learner to better analyse, process, and check the steps/commands that are required to make Wheelie move to Tinkleball in the digital game grid on the iPad. All 5 Ballylanders feature in the Tutorial game (Play with Coding) of this app and will also feature in following Ballyland Code apps.
Size tactile grid: ca. 14 x 14 cm. Height mini Ballylanders: ca. 3 - 4 cm.
Large scale models of the Ballylanders, with more detailed features (for tactile exploration), can be 3D printed from other files on the website.

Package 1:

The download consists of one zip-file with 8 .stl files: 1 game grid, 5 mini Ballylanders, and 2 ‘tiles’ (rubbish bin and pond).
Price: 25 USD

Purchase here the licensed file Package 1 to 3D print →

The five Ballylanders with the grid, the pond and the rubbish bin.

Package 2:

The download consists of one zip-file with 5 .stl files for Ballyland Code 1: Say Hello: Wheelie, Tinkleball, the tactile game grid, and the 2 obstacle tiles (rubbish bin and pond).
Price: 20 USD

Purchase here the licensed file Package 2 to 3D print →

Wheelie and Tinkleball with the grid, the pond and the rubbish bin.

By purchasing either of the packages you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Ballyland Disclaimer and License Conditions as stated below.

Disclaimer and License Conditions

Note that these resources are a learning tool, not a toy. Children should be supervised with the resource at all times. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Sonokids does not accept any liability for the print quality of the 3D printed models. Please also note that the models of the mini Ballylanders have limited features, and no working parts: Ballicopter’s rotor and Wheelie’s wheels don’t turn. Sonokids does not accept any liability for any personal or material damage as a result of the 3D printing or further processing and/or use of the learning tool, or any damage to or originating from the learning tool or the production process, or the processing as suggested by Sonokids. Printing, handling, assembling and optional painting is done at Licensee’s own risk.

All copyright of the 3D print files for Ballyland© Code 1: Say Hello remains with Sonokids®.
Sonokids sells this license that allows you to print the 3D models, or to have it printed by a third party, under the strict condition that you don’t share or resell the file.
A license to print explicitly does not give the licensee the right to sell the printed 3D model for financial gain. Schools or other educational organizations may print the 3D models as a learning tool for multiple students, as long as they provide the tool for free, or at real cost to cover printing, materials etc.

By downloading the .stl print files for Ballyland© Code 1: Say Hello, you confirm that you have read the disclaimer and that you agree to the conditions as set out above.

3D Printing

The quality of your printed model depends on the quality of the used 3D printer, the printing process and the choice of materials.
Printing costs are NOT included with the file, and may vary. If you don’t own a 3D printer yourself, you may find one at a school or support organization for the blind or visually impaired, a library, or a nearby 3D print shop such as at 3D Hubs
Depending on your printer, the model may be white or any other color. This depends on the color of the filament the printer uses.